JJ ODwyer is an independent Consultant Coach and Facilitator with a special interest in strategic HR management, management development and change.  He was previously Head of Group HR Strategy at ESB.

J.J. is a Barrister at Law and holds an MSc.(Mgmt) from Trinity College, Dublin specialising in Strategic Management.   He was Sir Charles Harvey Award Winner at Irish Management Institute in 1989 for his thesis on Change Management.

JJ has extensive proven experience as a senior executive and consultant of working successfully with executives and senior managers in managerial, consulting coaching and facilitator roles.

He was an executive with Electricity Supply Board (ESB) Ireland in a senior manager role for fifteen years until April 1998 when he established his consultancy practice.  During this time he played a strategic role in the major change and restructuring programmes undertaken by the Company to enable it to adapt to its changing commercial and regulatory environment.

His career has involved him in all aspects of Human Resource Management at both strategic and operational levels.  He has initiated and implemented major innovations in Management development and succession, HR development and in executive selection and reward.

Since he established his consultancy practice he has worked with organizations in the public and private sector undergoing significant change.  JJs practice involves him in coaching senior executives, advising senior management teams, facilitating change processes and assisting the development of partnership structures and processes.