Reni On The Drums Alan 'reni' wren was born on the 10 of April (67. He lived in the Rdwick-Gorton estates, one of the tough ring of estates that surrounds Manchester. He was known as the kid with the drums cause he used to play around on the kit which his parents had in their pub. The local kids thought he was a freak cause he was so good, he was just a total natural and was jamming to jazz records. He used to play with local bands but after he saw his drumming mate hit it big with Ac\Dc, he decided it was time to get serious.

One day, in A1 ( the main guitar shop in Manchester ) reni saw an ad advertising for a drummer, this band was the Roses. Reni phoned Ian and arranged to come around and play with them. The rest of the band were dumbstruck by his brilliance and he was immediately taken on board. later on he admitted that it was the Roses style that attracted him to them as any body who cared as much as the did about he way they looked must have been cool.