Mani was born on the 16th of November 1962, which means that he was the oldest memberof the band by two weeks. Mani was born in the north of Manchester. he went to school at Xaverin College and is remembered as a cheeky likeable character. He had short spiky hair and was into bands such as The stranglers, The Clash and The fall and also many other similar type artists.

Mani was also swept away by the tide of punk but by 1980 he had moved on from Punk to northern soul which incidentally is the perfect music to learn the bass to. He drifted into the scooter scene where Ian and john were to be found. He is said to have met Ian through a mutual friendwhen a south Manchester gang were required b manis mob to sort out some National front skinheads who had been causing some bother on Manis turf.

Mani together with Clint Boon who was later to set the Inspiral Carpets formed a band called the Mill. When this band fell apart, Mani began to hang around with Brown and Squire and he would jam with them on rare occasions.