John Squire


John Squire, the first non-macho guitar heroOn Saturday, November 24th 1962, John Thomas Squire was born in Broadheath, Lancashire, and spent most of his early life growing up on Sylvan avenue, Sale. He was avery quiet young boy and had two passions which were playing his guitar and painting. Squire like Ian Brown was also taken away b the rush of punk. It was punk that brought these two opposites together. Ian being the rowdy one and john the quiet shy type.

John was a fan of the rebel rockers the Clash. When he was asked about his relationship with Ian he replied ' It was definitely a case of opposites attract'and then he said 'He was more popular, yeah. I was happy to be a loner. I prefer it. we hung about for a short period, then when we started the band it became more permanent.