Here are various pictures of the Stone Roses.

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John and his guitar The Stone Roses The Roses but wheres Reni Clip From 'One Love'
The early Roses Roses in the studio The Stone Roses The Stone roses
Roses in the NME The Roses looking very clean cut The Roses lacking Reni The Roses in the NME
The Roses with their new drummer Against the wall In the Box The Stone Roses
John Squire as on the cover of the NME John John John
John Squire show them how its done Smile John on stage TFI Friday John Squire
John Squire Ian Ian Come out with the new album Ian with bass
Reni Ian as in the Second Coming sleeve The first non-macho guitar hero Reni as appears in the second coming sleeve Mani as appears in the second coming sleeve
  Ten Story Love song Elephant stone Love Spreads