I have set up a link exchange for Stone Roses sites, This will provide a place for people to advertise their site and also allow people to increase the traffic to their site. It will also provide a good resource for people who are looking for information on the Roses as it will give them a varied choice of sites.

To be linked from 'The Stone Roses Link Exchange', you must firstly have a link from your site to the exchange page and you must also display the Exchanges Logo on your site . If you agree to these terms, you can now E-Mail with your details i.e. your name, your E-mail address, Site Description, Site Name, and any other additional information that you may need to give me. Thanks very Much.


E-Mail Me With Your Submissions By Clicking The Icon Below.

The next thing that you must do is to put our logo on your site, you can find this logo down below, you must then put a link from this logo to this.